Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trends in Accountability from an Auditor's Perspective

On February 4, 2009 the ICGFM had its second meeting this year. A wonderful luncheon, with four honorary speakers, which presented to a diverse audience of 70 guests. Exceptionally interesting and insightful information regarding our current economy, its near future drive, and the modification that we are incurring, all this through the professional auditors point of view.

The guest speakers were Mrs. Linda Fealing – from the Organization of American States; Mr. David Kanja – from The World Bank; Mr. Barry Potter – from the IMF; and Mr. Alan Siegfried – from American Development Bank. All four speakers were able to comment on questions on new corruption reforms, new and more rigorous regulations that will increase transparency and, the various reasons why this current economic turmoil came about.

The Luncheon was an overall success, it created a great deal of conversations amongst the audience, and a good networking atmosphere was established between the different participating entities. This successful gathering can be attributed to a hard working ICGFM staff and their arduous efforts to make events of this sort possible.